OODA Loop is grand theory of strategy [1] that can be used everywhere. The name of the OODA loop is derived from the English acronym of “Observe”, “Orient”, “Decide”, “Act”, and “Loop”. 

OODA Loop grand theory of strategy is from mathematics to cognitive science, psychology, physics, quantum theory, biology, information engineering, cosmology, and human history. It was created based on research on strategy, military law, and Japanese-style management, and has continued to develop since then [2].

There are five processes in OODA loops, not four. Inspired by Miyamoto Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, it is said that the OODA loop is made into five processes [3].

Here’s an accurate image of the OODA Loop:


“Orientation” shapes “View of the World”

In the paper “Destruction and Creation”, John Boyd described the human recognition of the real world using mental models. World is recognized as View of the World. View of the World can be structured as Vision, Strategy, Mental models & Feelings, and Activities direction & Actions. The World View shaped by orientation process of OODA loop.


The OOHT Loop is learning and idea generation OODA loops. Observe, Orient, Hypothesize and Test.

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