World Wide Operation

Our Vision:
I & Company is contributing to our economic world through our premier management consulting services, which is dedicated to the top managements of global leading companies to realise sustainable growth.

Innovator & Company
Our Brand Name, “I & Company”:
I and company means Innovator & company. We would like to be a trusted partner for the top managements to innovate your businesses.

Our Clients:
I & Company‘s clients are global leading companies in each industry segments. Thanks for our clients, our members have been experienced and leaned a lot through the interactions with our clients. These are helping us to develop and improve our leading edge models and methods etc.

Why We are Selected:
We heard our clients the reasons why our clients selected I & Company. They evaluated most of the strategy consulting firms. Among these, major reasons they selected us is that we are focusing on the results of performance improvement from the top managements’ perspectives, and our models (templates, frameworks) are holistic and proven through leading companies’ experiences.

We are the Top Notch Consultants:
Since 2005, I & Company has created a partnership, who admitted top-notch consultants whose academic backgrounds are global leading universities including;
・Harvard University
・The University of Tokyo
・Tokyo Institute of Technology
・Shanghai Jiao Tong University

We are operating on the globe. Our partners are covering Americas, Asia and Europe.

Thought Leadership led by Our Membe

I & Company members are well-known thought leaders in the following spaces;

Enterprise Transformation
Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
IoT, Digital
Corporate Governance
BPR, Process Innovation

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