Strategy & Transformation


Services I & COMPANY is delivering are enterprise transformations.

Our typical project lifecycle for enterprise transformations are as follows;

Strategy Redefinition:
Business strategy is redefined from the Ecosystem perspective. This is totally different from the traditional competitive strategy.

Process and Organisation Transformation:
Based on the OODA model, transformed to decentralised empowered organisation. The is totally different from BPR. The scope of the transformation covers:
・Products Planning, Research and Development
・New Product/Production Engineering
・Marketing Sales and Customer Management
・Production Sales Procurement Logistics and Installation

Corporate Centre / Global Governance Structure Transformation:
Transformed to global consolidated and customer centric organisational structure based on the optimised ecosystem strategy. This is totally different from line of business or regional international structure.

Organisational Capability Transformation:
Based on the sense making and integrated VSA (vision, strategy and actions) management model, transformed to customer centric organisation. This is totally different from traditional reporting system or balanced score card (BSC).

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