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Top Management Consulting Firm dedicated to the CEO’s Agenda:
I & COMPANY is a world premier top management consulting firm, who is dedicated to our clients’ CEOs and Presidents to improve financial performance through envisioning and realisation of innovation and enterprise transformation without any gaps.

We are focusing on the results of financial performance improvement, which includes enterprise financial performance, ROE improvements and sustainable growth through our consulting services starting from financial performance analysis, through innovative redefinition and transformation of the business domains, business processes operation, organisational capabilities, information technology and digital operation.

Leveraging the Leading-edge Management Way:
Up until now, almost all of the strategy consulting services have been delivered based on the western management way derived from the Descartes and Kant philosophy. The innovation was happened based on the top down command and control scheme and analytical approach.
In the next generation, in addition to the traditional philosophy, we need to take Japanese leading edge management way based on the Buddhism philosophy in order to innovate business.

Leveraging the Japanese oriental management philosophy, I & COMPANY is strengthening every single knowledge workers’ self-motivated capabilities to realise enterprise transformation and innovation.

Contributing Performance Improvement and Organisational Capability Growth:
Majority of the traditional consulting firms were focusing on preparation of the reports based on the analytical works. In order to resolve the real issues faced by our clients, organisational capabilities are critical to be improved. It is not just paper works.

Through consulting works, I & COMPANY is strengthening the organisational capabilities to make every single knowledge workers decide by themselves and execute actions immediately. We will redefine the OODA loop operation comprised of organisations’ observation and orientation (sense-making) capabilities through decision and actions.

Dedicated to the Top Management:
Almost all of the strategy consulting firms are supporting the corporate strategy divisions providing best practices information. Almost all of the technology consulting firms are supporting IT divisions providing systems integration services. On the other hands, the top managements, i.e. CEOs and presidents have ultimate responsibility for all the activities of an organisation. They need results of innovation.

I & COMPANY is dedicated to the top managements to provide financial performance improvement results, through innovation and enterprise transformation.

World Premier Top Management Consulting Firm:
Based on the activities partly introduced in the above, I & COMPANY is recognised as world premier top management consulting firm.

One & Only Models


Our Unique Proven Models and Methods:
I & COMPANY has developed and updated the models (frameworks and templates) and methodologies, which have been proven to realise sustainable financial performance improvements.

Some Examples of our Models and Methods:
I & COMPANY’s proven models (frameworks and templates) and methodologies are including the followings. These have been applied to the leading-edge companies and achieved improvements in terms of profitability, productivity and cash flow.
・Corporate Strategy :
・Disruptive Innovation
・E2E Architecture
・・・Eco System
・・・Delta Model
・Customer Solution Strategy
・・・Process Manager Model
・System Lock-in Strategy
・・・System Manager Model
・Products Planning, Research and Development :
・Open Innovation
・・RPAD model
・New Product/Production Engineering :
・・NPD model
・・UCM model
・Marketing Sales and Customer Management :
・Eco System
・・EP model
・Engineering Production Sales Procurement Logistics and Installation :
CODP model
・・CTO model
・・・MTO Model
・Closed Loop Model
・Service Business
・Product Manager Model
・Process Manager Model
・Risk Management :
・Sense-making model
・Organisation/Process Productivity Improvement :
・Customer Centric Organisation
・・PMQIR model
・・APMDIO model
・Next Generation Organisational Model
OODA model
・・・Network Centric Warfare
・・・Power to the Edge
・Next Generation Performance Management
・・・Integrated VSE Management

Some of those overview have been introduced by the articles which our I & COMPANY member wrote. But more details will explained by our proposal discussions.

Innovations Realised


I & COMPANY has been realising business innovations at our leading companies in each industry segments.

・Products Planning, Research and Development
Applied the RPAD model at a leading manufacturer, and we realized the highest operating margin in the industry segment.

・New Product/Production Engineering
For a leading electric manufacturer and leading automotive OEMs, we applied our methods and achieved 33% productivity improvement at an electric manufacturer and 23% and 18% productivity improvement at each automotive OEMs during the first phase as a quick wins.

・Marketing Sales and Customer Management
A global high-tech and leading telecommunication operating company, applied our model to transform the customer experiences. Some of them achieved number one market share position.

・Production Sales Procurement Logistics and Installation
A global high-tech manufacturer applied our model and achieved triple fastest cash flow as planned.

・Risk Management / Sense-making
A global manufacture implemented the model and realised effective risk management scheme through sense-making capabilities improvement.

・Process Productivity Improvement
Global high-tech manufacturer and large infra manufacture have transform their corporate centre processes and improve organisational capabilities to realise over 20% knowledge workers productivity and shifted available resources identified to the newly defined strategic business portfolio. Improved operating margin by double-digit points.

About Us

Our Vision:
We are contributing to our economic world through our premier management consulting services, which is dedicated to the top managements of global leading companies to realise sustainable growth.

Our Brand Name, “I & COMPANY”:
I and company means Innovator and partners. We would like to be a trusted partner for the top managements to innovate your businesses.

Our Clients:
Our clients are global leading companies in each industry segments. Thanks for our clients, our members have been experienced and leaned a lot through the interactions with our clients. These are helping us to develop and improve our leading edge models and methods etc.

Why We are Selected:
We heard our clients the reasons why our clients selected us. They evaluated most of the strategy consulting firms. Among these, major reasons they selected us is that we are focusing on the results of performance improvement from the top managements’ perspectives, and our models (templates, frameworks) are holistic and proven through leading companies experiences.

Our Member


We are the Top Notch Consultants:
We have created a partnership, who admitted top-notch consultants whose academic backgrounds are global leading universities including;
・Harvard University
・The University of Tokyo
・Tokyo Institute of Technology
・Shanghai Jiao Tong University

We are operating on the global. Our partners are located in New York, Tokyo, Bangalore, Shanghai and others.

Our Members’ Thought Leadership


I & COMPANY members are well-known thought leaders in the following spaces;

Supply Chain Management
Customer Relationship Management
IoT, Digital
Corporate Governance
BPR, Process Innovation

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