OODA loops

Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action is the thinking and decision-making process for Warfare and business as well.

We, I & Company developed the OODA model for business. This model can run on the next generation strategy.

OODA loops have two variations of OODA, light speed OODA and OOHT.

The Light Speed OODA

The real OODA is light speed OODA.




The OOHT is learning and idea generation OODA loops. Observe, Orient, Hypothesize and Test.


This is not the OODA loop

It is not the right explanation that we are cycling through OODA loops.

Situations Actions Framework

When you use the Situations Actions Framework, you can identify the situation where OODA is effective to be applied.

Please see more detail at the Situation Actions Framework.

PDCA cycle and OODA loop combination

You can use PDCA cycle to supplement with OODA loops.

You can see more detail at the OODA and PDCA.

Comparison between PDCA and OODA

It is insightful discussion that we compare PDCA against OODA.

You can see more detail at the PDCA vs OODA.

Orientation shapes World View

In the paper “Destruction and Creation”, John Boyd described the human recognition of the real world using mental models.

World is recognized as World View. World View can be structured as Vision, Strategy, Mental models & Feelings, and Activities direction & Actions. The World View shaped by orientation process of OODA loop.

You can see more detail at the World View:VSA.


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