One & Only Models

Our Unique Proven Models and Methods:
I & COMPANY has developed, applied and updated the models (frameworks and templates) and methodologies, which have been proven to realise sustainable financial performance improvements.

Some Examples of our Models and Methods:
Our proven models (frameworks and templates) and methodologies are including the followings. These have been applied to the leading-edge companies and achieved improvements in terms of profitability, productivity and cash flow.

・Corporate Strategy :
・Disruptive Innovation
・E2E Architecture
・・・Eco System
・・・Delta Model
・Customer Solution Strategy
・・・Process Manager Model
・System Lock-in Strategy
・・・System Manager Model

・Products Planning, Research and Development :
・Open Innovation
・・RPAD model
・New Product/Production Engineering :
・・NPD model
・・UCM model

・Marketing Sales and Customer Management :
・Eco System
・・EP model

・Engineering Production Sales Procurement Logistics and Installation :
CODP model
・・CTO model
・・・MTO Model
・Closed Loop Model

・Service Business
・Product Manager Model
・Process Manager Model

・Risk Management :
・Sense-making model

・Organisation/Process Productivity Improvement :
・Customer Centric Organisation
・・PMQIR model
・・APMDIO model
・Next Generation Organisational Model
OODA Loop model
・・・Network Centric Warfare
・・・Power to the Edge
・Next Generation Performance Management
・・・Integrated VSE Management

・Performance Management:
・Vision, Strategy and Actions (VSA)

Some of those overview have been introduced by the articles which I & COMPANY member wrote. But more details will explained by our proposal discussions.

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