Innovations Realised

I & COMPANY has been realising business innovations at our leading companies in each industry segments.

・Products Planning, Research and Development
Applied the RPAD model at a leading manufacturer, and we realized the highest operating margin in the industry segment.

・New Product/Production Engineering
For a leading electric manufacturer and leading automotive OEMs, we applied our methods and achieved 33% productivity improvement at an electric manufacturer and 23% and 18% productivity improvement at each automotive OEMs during the first phase as a quick wins.

・Marketing Sales and Customer Management
A global high-tech and leading telecommunication operating company, applied our model to transform the customer experiences. Some of them achieved number one market share position.

・Production Sales Procurement Logistics and Installation
A global high-tech manufacturer applied our model and achieved triple fastest cash flow as planned.

・Risk Management / Sense-making
A global manufacture implemented the model and realised effective risk management scheme through sense-making capabilities improvement.

・Process Productivity Improvement
Global high-tech manufacturer and large infra manufacture have transform their corporate centre processes and improve organisational capabilities to realise over 20% knowledge workers productivity and shifted available resources identified to the newly defined strategic business portfolio. Improved operating margin by double-digit points.

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